The Warrior Tradition

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After reading chapter 2 of The Woman Warrior and watchin martial arts clips of Crouching Tiger and House of Flying Daggers, I found many similar traits of a warrior, where most of the warriors are men.  All the warriors’ master are males and have male disciplines. They don’t have females disciplines or masters.  There are female warriors but they are not as respected as male warriors.  However, Fa Mulan was a well respected female warrior.  However, she had to train herself to become a warrior and disguise in a male figure in order to become respected.  Like in the Disney movie, Mulan, only males are allowed in the army and women are disrespected as an warrior.  When the army found out the Mulan was a woman, they ignored her as if she wasn’t there.
Another trait of a warrior is that a warriar must have a stance and a yell at every move they make. Even with one punch, they all yell. With one sword swing, they yell. Even charging to their opponents they yell.

Also they all train like no other. However, every warrior has their own style of training:


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“Woman Warrior at 30” “Young and Restless”

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