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In response to the “Frontline: Growing Up Online” blog:

#1 In what ways would you need to change your routine in order to disconnect yourself from all media (i.e. no TV, no Internet, etc.) What problems would you encounter if you unplugged for one day? One week? One month?

There are numerous ways to disconnect yourself from all the media, even the internet.  Well if I had to disconnect from all sorts of media, I would start going outside bit more and start working out, call out friends to play basketball, soccer, etc, or playing my guitar.  This would take so much time in order to disconnect with the media.  The problems that I would have is that I would start freaking out, and won’t be able to connect to the world that is way out “there.” The first few days would be okay, but for a week is too hard.  After a week, I would wonder what is going on in the news (if I had to force disconnecting myself from all the media) and get bored with working out, doing sports, playing with my friends, or playing my guitar.  It would be hard to survive for a week or a month without some sort of media.

#2 How many hours per week do you estimate you spend on Facebook or similar personal networking sites? What are the benefits and disadvantages of using these sites?

At most I would spend like 2 hours every week. I check Facebook couple of times a week, and don’t really spend much time on socializing others through Facebook. It is a good way to socialize these days, but for me I don’t really put too much effort in Facebook and I would rather socialize others in real life.  The benefits of having a Facebook or MySpace are being connected to people  you know, who lives far away from you.  Then you can keep in touch what is happening with your friend.  Another benefit is that it helps people to socialize with others much better for modern, or digital native, people. I think it’s confortable to the people to socialize and express their feelings much better. However, the flaw of having a Facebook is that other people would know your personal interests or hobbies and can use that to attack others. In other words, you can become a victim of cyber-bullying. I wouldn’t want others to know my personal things and life and spill it out on my Facebook so others can know about my personal life.

#3 To what extent are you aware of viral marketing, the use of “advertorials” (presenting advertisements as editorial content), or direct marketing on Facebook and other social networking sites?

 I’m not much aware to the advertisements that is posted on the side in Facebook, because I didn’t see that it’s there.  I have no interest in looking at the ads that are there in Facebook. I just know that Facebook gets huge amounts of money from the ads on the Facebook, but I don’t think that people even look at the ads.

#4 Personal response based on your individual viewing of “Growing Up Online”.

I think that it’s scary how people are sucked into the world of Internet.  Even I myself have nothing to do but to be in front of my computer and surf around the Internet. I found this graph in the Internet and after looking at this:
What you need according to the Internet….

I think I really need one.


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